Vol 8 (2012)

Morphology and the architecture of the grammar

Table of Contents

MMM8 Complete Issue PDF
Foreword PDF
Competing affixes as aspectual morphemes: the case of deadjectival nominalizations PDF
Artemis Alexiadou, Fabienne Martin 8-21
Simplification, complexification, and microvariation: towards a quantification of inflectional complexity in closely related varieties PDF
Raffaela Baechler, Guido Seiler 22-40
On the classification of compound verbs PDF
Alexandra Bagasheva 41-58
The English noun-noun construct: a morphological and syntactic object PDF
Melanie Bell 59-90
Morphological complexity in Maltese: a divergence from canonicity PDF
Maris Camilleri 92-113
Prediction and generalisation in word processing and storage PDF
Claudia Marzi, Marcello Ferro, Vito Pirrelli 114-131
Meaning resides in fully inflected forms: the Georgian "unwillingness" construction PDF
Alice Harris 132-142
"One allomorph to rule them all': the single allomorph selection constraint in Greek PDF
Athanasios Karasimos 143-151
Complex adjectives at the morphology-syntax interface PDF
Hideki Kishimoto 152-167
Analogical modelling and paradigmatic word formation as attention-seeking devices PDF
Ewa Konieczna 168-191
Rival suffixes: synonymy, competition, and the emergence of productivity PDF
Mark Lindsay 192-203
Italian -ismo/-ista and Ancient Greek -ismos/-istḗs formations. Morphological processes and diachronic relationships PDF
Heike Necker, Liana Tronci 204-222
Romance clitics: cluster formation and allomorphy PDF
Diego Pescarini 223-235
Gender selection and syntactic constructions: the case of Dutch double gender nouns PDF
Chiara Semplicini 236-254
The formal and functional architecture of inflectional morphology PDF
Gregory Stump 255-271
Encoding unexpectedness by aspect inflection PDF
Niina Ning Zhang 272-298
Fitting into morphological structure: accounting for Sorani Kurdish endoclitics PDF
Géraldine Walther 299-321
Empirical and theoretical aspects of phrasal compounds: against the "syntax explains it all" attitude PDF
Carola Trips 322-346

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