Vol 7 (2009)

Morphology and Diachrony

Table of Contents

MMM7 Complete Issue PDF
Foreword PDF
Sound laws, inflectional change and the autonomy of morphology PDF
Hans-Olav Enger 6-17
Feature hierarchy and nominal inflection: evidence from Ancient Greek PDF
Konstantinos Kakarikos 18-37
Locative alternation and verb compounding in Japanese PDF
Hideki Kishimoto 38-62
Theoretical and diachronic aspects of augmentation: evidence from Greek PDF
Dimitra Kelissaropoulou, Io Manolessou 63-77
English [V-A]V forms and the interaction between morphology and syntax PDF
Akiko Nagano, Masaharu Shimada 78-97
Are there coordinate compounds? PDF
Susanna Padrosa-Trias 98-111
A morphological solution to agreement puzzles in Slavic PDF
Akira Watanabe 112-122
Morphological productivity and family size: evidence from French compound nouns garde-x and N-de-N PDF
Helen Voskovskaia 123-133

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