Vol 6 (2007)

Morphology and Dialectology

Table of Contents

MMM6 Complete Issue PDF
Foreword PDF
Morphology meets dialectology: insights from Modern Greek dialects PDF
Angela Ralli 7-22
Impoverishment in Dutch dialects PDF
Suzanne Aalberse, Jan Don 23-31
Phonologically-conditioned allomorphy in the morphology of Surmiran (Rumantsch) PDF
Stephen Anderson 32-48
Aspects of dialectal variation in the nominal inflection of Greek: a feature-based approach PDF
Vassilios Spyropoulos, Konstantinos Kakarikos 49-58
On deriving polarity effects PDF
Antje Lahne 59-70
Classification of Chinese compounds PDF
Antonella Ceccagno, Bianca Bascianο 71-83
On the semantics of denominal adjectives PDF
Bernard Fradin 84-98
Why do languages develop and maintain non-concatenative morphology? PDF
Robert Ratcliffe 99-115
Exaptation from Arabic syntax to Persian lexical morphology PDF
John Perry 116-122
Analogy vs Rules: How can diachronic and synchronic perspectives be made to work together? PDF
Dany Amiot 123-133
New insights into the rivalry of suffixes PDF
Carola Trips 134-147
Italian VeV lexical constructions PDF
Francesca Masini, Anna Thornton 148-189
The 生 shēng/sheng complex words in Chinese between morphology and semantics PDF
Emanuele Banfi, Giorgio Francesco Arcodia 190-204

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