Vol 1 (1997)

Allomorphy, Compounding, Inflection

Table of Contents

Preface PDF

Section I: Plenary Papers

Gender agreement as morphology PDF
Mark Aronoff 7-18
Relational adjectives and the redundancy of lexical categories PDF
Andrew Spencer 19-28
On Modern Greek denominal adjectives PDF
Anna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis 29-41

Section II: Allomorphy

Italian participial morphology and Correspondence Theory PDF
Luigi Burzio 42-53
Allomorphy in PolyLex PDF
Lynne Cahill, Gerlald Gazdar 54-64
Covert generalization PDF
Paul Kiparsky 65-76
Paradigmatic factors in the irradiation of allomorphy: the reanalysis of the Latin type MANUALIS in Italian PDF
Franz Rainer 77-85
Stem allomorphs or suffix allomorphs? On Italian derivatives with antesuffixal glides PDF
Anna Thornton 86-98

Section III: Compounding

Morphology and syntax: delimiting Stump compounds in Russian PDF
Loren Billings 99-110
Noun-Noun sequences in Catalan and Spanish PDF
Janet DeCesaris, Maria Rosa Bayà, Elisenda Bernal 111-119
Economy of X0/XP derivations PDF
Anna-Maria Di Sciullo 120-131
Distinguishing derivational prefixes from Initial Combining Forms PDF
Claudio Iacobini 132-140
Inalienable object construction in Japanese PDF
Takae Tsujioka, Yoshibo Shibuya 141-152
Turkish possessive compounds PDF
Hitay Yukseker 153-165

Section IV: Inflection

Inherent inflection in Polish as input to morphological derivation PDF
Bozena Cetnarowska 166-177
Hypotheses on the status of Number PDF
Greville Corbett 178-189
Word length PDF
Asli Göksel 190-200
The status of Tense within inflection PDF
Marianne Mithum 201-214
On the boundaries of inflection and syntax PDF
Irene Philippaki-Warburton, Vassilios Spyropoulos 215-226
Inflection and information PDF
Susan Steel 227-238

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