MMM9 On-line Proceedings: Morphology and Semantics

Edited By: Jenny Audring, Nikos Koutsoukos, Francesca Masini, Ida Raffaelli

Following the tradition of the MMM meetings, in the present volume we compile a selection of the papers presented at MMM9, which took place in Dubrovnik (September 15-18, 2013). The special topic of the Dubrovnik meeting was ‘Morphology and Semantics’. The present volume includes papers from both the special topic and the free topic sessions.

Table of Contents

Complete Issue PDF
Paradigmatic word-­formation, metonymy and compound verbs in English and Bulgarian PDF
Alexandra Bagasheva 1-11
Morphosemantic features of the third verb type (jeti verbs) in Croatian PDF
Tomislava Bošnjak Botica, Ivana Oraić Rabušić 12-21
Lexical parsability and morphological structure PDF
Marcello Ferro, Claudia Marzi, Vito Pirrelli 22-37
Typing time as an index of morphological and semantic effects during English compound processing PDF
Christina Gagné, Thomas L. Spalding 38-53
Deadjectival nominalizations: suffix rivalry and synonymy PDF
Aurore Koehl 54-63
Neoclassical compounds as relational adjectives PDF
Marine Lasserre, Fabio Montermini 64-76
On the encyclopedic knowledge of gender PDF
João Paulo Lazzarini Cyrino, Paula Roberta Gabbai Armelin, Rafael Dias Minussi 77-87
Idiomatic verb-clitic constructions: lexicalization and productivity PDF
Francesca Masini 88-104
Relational adjectives in English and Japanese and the RA vs. PP debate PDF
Akiko Nagano, Masaharu Shimada 105-133
Semantic rivalry between affixes: the case of Portuguese nominalisers PDF
Alexandra Soares Rodrigues 134-137
The meaning of Italian VN compounds in a diachronic perspective: the development of a word-formation rule and its semantic instruction PDF
Pavel Štichauer 138-142

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